A fine addition to anyones electronic library.

“This book will delight and entertain, generate thought and temper frustrations”

Mr Reader’s poetry and prose is a joy to read. He deals with his subject matter with honesty and the deeply held sincerity of ‘one who has been there’ - He does not shy away from the pain and confusion of mental distress, nor does he dress it up in cliques or sensationalism but he rather adds a thoughtful voice to this often mis-understood human experience.


Stay Connected

I've come a long way since the publication of the first book that Chipmunka helped publish in 2011

I keep a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a YouTube channel, where I post videos and blog upon things that inspire me and share poetry and tips for Recovery, so please feel free to add me or watch my videos, as you may find them helpful.


Artwork: Paintings and Illustrations.

Art and Verse are two of the fundamental tools of the Shaman.

“Art can express things at times that no other form can translate, and the viewer can be transported to a place of great beauty and meaning without a word even being said. Sometimes Art can express a pure essence of an experience and notion through the visual form.”



Denny Reader's new book of poetry and artwork boasts the following features:


Five years worth of fine output, Denny Reader thrills us again with his second book of poems.

Colour Pictures

Beautifully reproduced at high resolution: A treat from Denny's original painted artworks.


Satisfy your thirst for wisdom with these fine quotations delivered like a Zen Master.

4 file formats

Whatever device you choose to read your ebook on, you'll find a file format that will suit.

Widely Available

Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, also at many other book retailers across the globe.

A Bargain Price

At just £4, you won't have to break the bank to enjoy this charming new poetry book.

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