The following five poems have been chosen as excerpts from “Wondering Whispers.”

The Stuff Great Legends Are Made Of!

Great Legends, Great Stories, Great Paths to tread,
Myths were made from the Gold dust of these past Legacies,
Battles, tales of heroism, Brilliant Adventures;

Yet the battles, the legends, are not so fought these days in the physical,
Not so much great wars over evil, not so much great tales over sea,
Not so much great stories guided by the Gods,
Not so much Great Quests envisioned by the Seers.

Our Stories, Our Battles, Our Great Quests,
Are more so these days, what we go through on the Inside,
Inside of our own Hearts and Minds.
Our Great Fight is our everyday Lives, Our Legends,
Is the Adventures we live, the travels we make,
The People we come across, and the sacrifices we stake.

Our Love, Our Hearts, does so hold the window to our Tale,
Through the Sea of Our Universe, through our everyday actions.
However mundane our own lives may feel,
Many Eyes watch upon us, in Great Love and admiration,

They watch and SeE, the True Heart in you and me,
They SeE our Pain, they see our struggle,
And they Know the Legend of each of us,
They Know what we face, in humility or grace,
In Hatred or disgrace, no LiFe is a waste.

In Each of us I SeE, a Legend, a Hero, a Warrior, a Survivor;
The Angels see this in us too, they taught me a way to see the Light,
A Way to end the Fight.
In Each of us, a Legend does Lay, throughout Our Lives, in everyday,
A Heart born of Brilliance, a Story so True.

My Legend is me,
This Legend Is You.

Within the Jaws Of the Lion

In the Jaws of the Lion, At the Footsteps of the Inner Zion,
At the Gates of the Immortal Dwelling,
At the Foothills of Merlin’s Blessing;

Within the Crystal Caves of the Psyche,
Upon the Ancient Travellers Hike,
Upon the Mossy Mountains of the Great Red Dragon,
In the Breath of the Misty Valley Cavern.

Stepping through the Void of Humanity’s Curse,
Opening the Doors of the Secret Poem,
Listening to the Winds of Manwe’s Message,
Walking the Path of the Ancient Passage.

Awakening the Keys of the Stone Circle Ley,
Looking outward to the Mystics Way,
Touching the Sky with Your Feet Beneath the Earth,
Spreading in All Directions, Casting Mirth.

Contacting the Spirits, The Ancestors Village,
The Order of LiFe, Fighting Capital Pillage,
Fighting Death Culture, Fighting the Nothing,
Embracing the Now, Absorbing Lost Myths.

– Riding Seventh Wave, Within the Crystal
Cave... Within the Jaws of the Lion.

The Resistance

We Learn, we Grow, we Question, we Feel.
The Potential Dangers of a fascist uprising,
The Dangers of a society resting in apathy.

Capitalism spreads its infectious Glamour,
While millions World over seduced by the ‘American Dream’,
There is no cream with your coffee when the Planets really Screaming,
There is no Hope in Humanity,
When the people are enemies to themselves and each other.

Split, Seduced, Groomed into the Material Status Chase,
Where Tyrants Rise, and the Caring Fall,
And the Earth and the Spirits keep relentlessly call.
Animals tortured in the name of Progressive Science,
Yet Awareness keeps Rising, from the Growing Hearts of the Caring,
And masses of Humanity educate and teach each other in the Art of Conscious Living and sharing Global Information.

The Controllers, The Order thumps down their Feet,
In an attempt to prevent people Rising in the Street,
Too many know now, too many are waking,
To the fact that we can Govern ourselves;
We can Govern ourselves.
Yet we plough on, We plough on with the Resistance,
Know in our Hearts, a Better Way, A better fairer World,
We are not here to be merely consumers,
We are Here to Share, To Give, Learn, Grow, To Experience,
To Be with Each Other.

We Know of a Better World.
This Is, The Resistance.

Down Your Snotty Nose

There you are, you look at me,
With your folded frowny face,
Bitter, cynical, with Contempt in your eyes,
I cannot hide this Heart, this I cannot Disguise,
You, with your frowny, folded eyes.

A Mind concerned with status,
A Spirit Filled with Greed,
An Ego so contained,
Only Eyes with Self-full need.

There you are, with your garden hose,
Looking at me, down your snotty nose.

Keeping up appearances, have you ever felt Real Pain?
You may try to get your Ego stroked,
But you will do so only in vain?
Does Your Heart ever speak to you?
Does your Soul ever Sing?
Could you ever offer Empathy,
To me or those different than yourself?

But there you are, you look at me,
I could even offer you a rose,
But still you look so harsh at me,
Down your Snooty nose.

What Attitude would you administer,
If your Philosophies were Imposed?

You Looking Violently at People,
Down Your Little Snotty Nose.

Murky Dawn

On the Peripherals of Society, lurks the Murky Dawn,
Where the Gods of past and Great Gaia Herself,
Does so Weep and Morn,
Where the Psychic dregs of society,
Swallowed by the outcasts sorrow,
And the Hope and Vision of the Seers,
For a Bright and better tomorrow,

Where the Darkness keeps her Blessings,
Where the Dark Moon keeps her spell,
Looking, waiting for the longing of her reverence and of her Wisdom Well.
Where Jupiter reigns and the Prophets of Old,
Come together in Unison and tell the story long told,
Where the Ancient Ancestors come to visit us again,
On the Peripherals of Humanity where all ignorance is slain,

Where the Dark mind of the madman,
Comprehends the Meaning, the Psychotic Insight leading to Revolutionary Healing.
Me, I am gone, long before was ever seen,
I never meant to be this, this I didn’t mean,
Yet on the outskirts, on the corners of the social norm,
The Madman struggles and fights against his insatiable pain.

There is no gain, it’s hard against the grain,
Yet the Dark Moon beckons, Up to the Hills on the Frosty Millennium Dawn,
Where the Heroin and the Hero are born.
Long seen, long known, short lived,
Yet on the peripherals of society, Lurks the Murky Dawn,
How with this Mind, this self, with this Reality,
I am nothing in your eyes;
Wake me up when life gets rosy,

In the Mist of the Murky Dawn.